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This guide walks you through the many complicated procedures associated with keeping your business in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Law Firm: Ford & Harrison LLP
Authors: Nancy Van der Veer Holt


This guide walks you through the many complicated procedures associated with keeping your business in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  As an employer, you are responsible for seeing to the needs of your employees, and this guide helps you navigate through the complex situations that arise when an employee requires medical leave or a reasonable accommodation for a disability.  Have you ever asked a question like one of the following:

• Who is eligible for medical leave?
• What constitutes a disability?
• Which documentation can I request from an employee seeking medical leave?
• What if I can not afford to accommodate a disability? 
• Which forms need to be completed for military family leave?

Failure to comply with the FMLA and ADA correctly can lead to costly penalties. That is why this publication includes tips and tricks, forms, and more to keep you out of trouble and in compliance with the law. 

This publication also includes important information on other leave and disability issues. Check out these topics if you are unfamiliar with FMLA and ADA or want to brush up on what’s important:

• Do same-sex domestic partners qualify for family medical leave?
• Do I need to keep medical records separate from other employee files?
• Am I practicing reasonable accommodation?
• Am I properly displaying all FMLA posters?
• What pre-employment questions are considered discriminatory?

Table of Contents

An Employer’s Guide to FMLA and ADA

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1. The Family and Medical Leave Act
2. FMLA definitions
3. Employer coverage and employee eligibility
4. Reasons for leave
5. Serious health conditions
6. Military leave under the FMLA
7. Length of leave
8. Notice and documentation – employee obligations and employer challenges
9. Certifications necessary for leave
10. Employer notice and documentation requirements
11. Employee rights under the FMLA
12. Enforcement of the FMLA
13. FMLA and DOL updates
14. Introduction to the ADA
15. The ADA Amendments Act
16. Employers and ADA protection
17. “Disability” in detail
18. Reasonable accommodation under the ADA
19. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
20. How the ADA impacts your business
21. Enforcement of the ADA
A. Leave and other state laws

Forms and Policies


Customer Reviews is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. It is comprehensive in scope, addressing the many legal and compliance issues that face employers from recruiting to retirement. Yet, despite the wide range of issues covered, and the complexity of those issues, information is easy to find and comprehend, avoiding much of the legal-speak that can often be difficult to interpret.

at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Our company does not have an official Human Resources Department. I have what is known as *hands on* H.R. training. Your human resource publications have guided me through many issues such as I-9, FMLA and policy book. The money I spend for the publications each year have more than paid for themselves.

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