W2 sample 2017 tax year

The Nebraska Chamber has issued a W-2 challenge to state taxpayers

Authored by Barry Kennedy, President, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry
February 2nd, 2018

This blog comes from the January 30, 2018 edition of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry's News Update newsletter.

In 2016, Nebraska families and businesses paid the state more than $2.2 billion in individual income taxes.  Yet many taxpayers have no idea how much they are paying in state income taxes.  

As State Chamber staff traveled throughout Nebraska last fall, fewer than 10% of participants attending the chamber's legislative forums indicated that they knew how much they were paying in state income tax. 

With the arrival of tax season, most Nebraskans have received or will soon receive their W-2 forms - showing an employee's total gross earnings, Social Security and Medicare tax withholdings, and federal and state income tax withholdings. 

The Nebraska Chamber wants all state taxpayers to carefully examine their W-2 forms and know exactly how much they are paying in state income taxes

Nebraska Chamber members are encouraged to share this challenge with their employees, co-workers, friends and family.  This is especially important in a year in which lawmakers are examining possible changes to Nebraska's tax system.

Thank you for your support of the Nebraska Chamber and its mission to improve our state's business climate and competitiveness.



Barry L. Kennedy
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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