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Easily find and understand what you need to do in almost any HR situation, all at a simple, low price


  • Maine and federal employment laws
  • Locally authored by Lambert Coffin law firm
  • Virtually covering everything from pre-hire through post-termination
  • All in plain, simple English

One-Year Online Subscription 

  • Download.  Customize.  Print. 
  • Maine and federal specific forms, policies, checklists, posters
  • Create handbooks, policy manuals, or simple handouts. 
  • Locally authored by Fisher & Phillips LLP law firm

One-Year Online Subscription 

  • Explains what you are required to provide to disabled employees (ADA)
  • Covers, in depth, leave of absence issues and appropriate time off. (FMLA)
  • Achieve compliance with the FMLA and ADA acts. 

One-Year Online Subscription

  • An accessible and non-technical discussion of basic employee benefits law issues. 
  • Covers topics such as life & health insurance, retirement & severance plans and more. 
  • Use this to keep your employee benefits plan in compliance with federal laws. 

One-Year Online Subscription

  • Explains how to fill out the I-9 Form and authorize employees.
  • Also covers e-verify and immigration. 
  • Achieve compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

One-Year Online Subscription 

  • This guide explains what to do when hiring, firing, or disciplining employees. 
  • Covers everything from background checks to non-competes through termination. 
  • Use this to execute these core functions of HR and limit your liability.

One-Year Online Subscription

  • Explains how to pay exempt employees, minors, overtime, and more. 
  • Use this to ensure you are classifying and paying your employees correctly. 
  • Achieve compliance with the FLSA Act. 

One-Year Online Subscription 

  • Understand the OSH Act, OSHA standards, and your obligations. 
  • Covers inspections and requirements to avoid citations and penalties. 
  • Use the publications to stay in compliance with OSHA. 

One-Year Online Subscription. 

  • 26" x 27" poster with 6 different postings. 
  • One poster for OSHA, Dept. of Labor, EEO and FMLA
  • Easily meet all federal posting requirements. 

Shipping and handling included. 

Ships in one business day via UPS. 

The weekly emails are fun and informative.  Generally speaking, there’s a little nugget of information that I take away after reading the newsletter.  The attached articles and videos are great when you need more in depth information on a certain topic.  I look forward to seeing them every week! Keep up the great work!

Harbor House Community Service Center, Maine
Executive Directo

I love HRSimple because it keeps me up-to-date with changes in federal and state regulations and does it with a little humor.  Not an easy task when you’re talking about regulations.  Thank you for making me laugh.

PowerPay, Maine
Human Resources Manager